Atmospheric Landscapes

Landscape photography is not difficult to master. It takes practice and can be learned. There are a number of easy-to-grasp but important rules that apply specifically to landscapes and can help you create stunning vistas that look just how you imagined, when you pressed the shutter. The first is to ensure that you have great […]

Urban Culture

CAMDEN TOWN NORTH LONDON. URBAN CULTURE ON OPEN DISPLAY. WHAT IS THE BEST WAY TO CAPTURE THESE POTENTIALLY GREAT IMAGES. However, groups are often reticent to allow themselves to be photographed. They often prefer just to get noticed. Winning them over requires a degree of engagement and for the individuals involved to feel that the […]

A few rays of sun

EVEN WHEN THE LIGHT IS FAILING, LOOK AGAIN. THERE MAY BE AN OPPORTUNITY TO CAPTURE SOMETHING SPECIAL. At the end of the day, a cemetery is not the obvious place to capture sunlight in unique ways. This shot of a cross had just managed to capture the last few moments of the sun’s rays but […]

Candid group portraits

CAPTURING CANDID GROUP PORTRAITS CAN BE CHALLENGING. When taking a group shot, there is often at least one individual that becomes aware of your presence. Whether this matters, may depend on the interaction between that individual and the other members of the group. It is important to achieve a strong overall shape while optimising the […]

Sometimes its just the light

IT IS OFTEN SAID THAT PHOTOGRAPHY IS LITTLE MORE THAN PAINTING WITH LIGHT. Learning to see the quality of light takes practice. At first, we only see content and composition through our viewfinder. With experience, we learn that any subject is capable of being transformed by the effect of light. The most challenging lighting conditions […]

The power of depth of field

SHOOTING STILL LIFE OBJECTS IN UNFAMILIAR SURROUNDINGS CAN BE CHALLENGING. Sometimes you may experience difficult lighting you cannot control. Other times, the background may not be ideal. In these situations, you may have to go in close to either remove distracting clutter or resolve the lighting issue that is preventing you from achieving your intended […]

The power of scale

THE JUXTAPOSITION OF SMALL AND LARGE CAN CREATE A POWERFUL PERSPECTIVE Shot in the Atlas mountains this image of a small store standing precariously on the edge of a mountain road creates a sense of isolation while accentuating the vastness of the Atlas mountains behind . By shooting from above, using a long lens to increase the sense […]

Patterns are everywhere

PATTERNS CAN MAKE POWERFUL IMAGES. THEY APPEAR IN SURPRISING PLACES If they have strong colour so much the better. The eye loves the effect of patterns, they can be intoxicating and beautiful. Sometimes they are buildings, sometimes people, other times landscapes. In this case a shelf of scarves in a Moroccan souk Once you spot […]

When prime lenses matter

Zoom lenses are great. They are flexible, quick to respond when you need different focal lengths in a hurry and generally light to carry. They do have drawbacks. Unless you invest in wide aperture zooms which are both expensive and bulky you can struggle when the light is scarce and you need a short depth of field […]

Create a sense of intrigue

Images do not always have to tell the whole story to draw you in. Sometimes the unspoken can create intrigue and lets the imagination of the viewer take over. This image was taken at the Hayward Gallery in London. The exhibition’s designers wanted the audience to experience loosing their sense of space and perspective and to understand […]

Why we are drawn to a stare

Children can have incredibly intense stares but often it is not obvious what it is they are looking at. It might not matter. In this case, I could not take my eyes off the child’s glare being captivated by his intensity and powerful eyes. Capturing an intense stare can be a powerful way to capture […]

Images of workers tell a story

Creating a meaningful portrait of working conditions within a cluttered and busy production environment can be a challenge. There is always lots of clutter, individuals and groups you will not want within the image and plenty of distractions. The tannery in Marrakech was all of these. Sometimes you just have to bide your time and wait for the right […]

Autumn colours in reflections

Reflections can be a great way to inject creativity and a sense of art into your images. Water creates patterns and distortions that create wonderful often abstract art out of ordinary everyday scenes. Don’t  be afraid of experimenting in Photoshop either. Sometimes the reflections can lack contrast, need colour correction to be selectively sharpened if they […]

How colours dramatise portraits

Colour can bring portraits alive, drawing your attention to the lighting and composition while adding interest and drama. Different colours can have different effects on the emotional feel of the image. Advancing colours create an upbeat and more powerful compositional statement, meanwhile blue and the other receding colours tend to create an atmosphere of calm […]

Capturing street poverty

Capturing street poverty can be a balancing act. You need to show both humanity and a sense of the personal story behind a portrait. However, you also want a dramatic and powerful image. In this case, a street beggar was huddled underneath a market stall to shield himself from the harsh midday sunlight in Marrakech. It […]

Let the eyes tell the story

When to capture portraits with eyes to camera can be a tricky decision. Especially when time is not on your side, you are under pressure with no idea how long you have to capture the moment. This image of a Moroccan street trader was taken in a busy market in the Atlas mountains. The first thing […]

Use the street as your studio

Shooting groups on the street can be challenging and if the shots are candid, they can be unpredictable. You will not be in control of the background and a focus point for the shot may be difficult to achieve. Walls especially of the coloured variety can make great backdrops on these occasions. They visually pull […]

Use B&W for storytelling

Although colour especially in places like Marrakech can be very seductive, occasionally a more photojournalistic feel can be more powerful and dramatic. In creating this image in black and white a more powerful narrative and sense of the woman’s cultural identity was aimed for. The woman trader captured here appears authentic which is helped by the mono treatment. The black and […]