Use the street as your studio

Shooting groups on the street can be challenging and if the shots are candid, they can be unpredictable. You will not be in control of the background and a focus point for the shot may be difficult to achieve.

Walls especially of the coloured variety can make great backdrops on these occasions. They visually pull out the subjects in the image, allow you some scope to change perspective and remove the clutter and distractions from the composition. They can also be used to create interesting shadows to enhance the dramatic appearance of the shot.

This shot was taken in a small village in the Atlas mountains a few hours outside of Marrakech. There were buildings and clutter everywhere, Suddenly this bright orange wall came into view, with a group of students hanging out in front of it waiting for the bus while happily interacting with friends. It was the perfect outdoor studio backdrop. The dominance of the orange wall helps makes the shot, picking out each individual and creating a sense of cohesion in the image.