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Leading Lines

Whitstable jetty. Canon 5D : EF24-70mm f/2.8L USM (25mm) : 65 sec : f20 Cokin ND 5 and ND 3 Grad filter  Sometimes, the rules of photographic composition can feel like tired cliches. Leading lines certainly fit that description. However, the eyes like to be led to the point of interest. It feels natural and generates a positive sense of expectation. Used correctly … Continue readingLeading Lines

The Serenity of the Archipeligos

Swedish Archipelago: Canon 5D : EF 85mm f/1.8 USM : 1/400 sec : f10  The Swedish archipelagos hold a special place in the heart of many Swedes. Many will visit the lakes and forests every summer, while others have built small homes from which the whole family spend their summer holidays swimming, fishing and exploring. The lakes of the archipelagos also hold excellent … Continue readingThe Serenity of the Archipeligos

Hampstead Heath Perspectives

Hampstead Heath : Canon 5D : EF24-70mm f/2.8L USM (27mm) : 2 sec : f20 Cokin ND 5 and ND 3 Grad filter  Sometimes, the ingredients for great landscapes are right under your noses. Hampstead Heath is a case in point. It dominates the green space of North London, is adored and enjoyed regularly by north Londoners and represents a unique and fiercely protected natural asset … Continue readingHampstead Heath Perspectives

The Millennium Bridge dilemma

St Paul’s Cathedral from the Millenium Bridge : Canon 5D : EF17-40mm f/4L USM (40mm): 30 sec : f16 : Cokin ND10 neutral density and ND 3 graduated filters  Having the Millenium Bridge as the lead-in device to St Paul’s can be great. However, the challenge, as anyone who visits the area frequently, will be aware, the bridge is almost always … Continue readingThe Millennium Bridge dilemma

Bringing old Old Harry’s rocks to life

Old Harry’s Rocks Studland, Dorset : Canon 5D : EF17-40mm f/4L USM (30mm): 20 sec : f20 : Cokin ND10 neutral density and ND 3 graduated filters  Old Harry’s Rocks in Dorset lie at the tip of a chalk headland near the bays of Studland and Swanage. The chalk rocks were formed over thousands of years, with millions of fossils … Continue readingBringing old Old Harry’s rocks to life

The beauty of street dance

Dance Performers at the V&A piazza : Canon 5D : 85mm : 1/8000 sec : f1.8  The V&A recently opened a new wing. It was no small event. Forget stuffy, think white minimal architecture, spacious hanging galleries and a wonderful new piazza. The opening was marked by a series of creative events. I was lucky enough to be attending one of … Continue readingThe beauty of street dance

The graphic nature of silhouettes

Brighton Pier: Canon 5D : 85mm : 30 sec : f22 : Cokin Nuances ND10 and ND 3 Grad filter The arrival of Brighton’s new pier was a welcome relief to local business after the fire that devastated the original pier. However, rather than simply removing the old structure, someone had the idea of leaving the remains of the old pier … Continue readingThe graphic nature of silhouettes

Futuristic tunnel lighting

Canary Wharf : Canon 5D : EF 17-40mm (40mm) : .3.2 sec : f18 : Cokin Nuances ND5 filter Canary Wharf in East London London has lots of potential for creating interesting architectural shots. One particularly interesting area is the new Crossrail development. The challenge in this shot was deciding how to treat and expose for the central strip light that could be viewed as a distraction … Continue readingFuturistic tunnel lighting

The drama of moving clouds

Canary Wharf : Canon 5D : EF 17-40mm (20mm) : 69 sec : f20 : Cokin Nuances ND10 filter ND3 Grad filter You cannot control the weather, but when you have the right conditions the opportunities to capture dramatic skylines can be endless. On this occasion, not only were there strong cloud structures, but also a lively wind ensured they moved across the … Continue readingThe drama of moving clouds

The power of isolation

Rotherhide, Canary Wharf : Canon 5D : EF 17-40mm (40mm) : 208 sec : f18 : Cokin Nuances ND10 filter It is an interesting phenomenon in photography, that it is not always the image that you intended to capture that becomes the most interesting and dynamic. Sometimes serendipity intervenes and you see something that spikes your imagination. The walkway to jetty at Rotherhide is … Continue readingThe power of isolation

A sense of intrigue

Hayward Gallery, London : Canon PowerShot G7 : 1/100 : f5.0 Images do not always have to tell the whole story to draw you in. Sometimes the unspoken can create intrigue and lets the imagination of the viewer take over. This image was taken at the Hayward Gallery in London. The exhibition’s designers wanted the audience to experience losing their sense of space and … Continue readingA sense of intrigue

Atmospheric landscapes

Haputale, Uva Sri Lanka : Canon 40D : EF85mm : 1/320 : f6.3 Landscapes can be particularly challenging and initially difficult to master. Practice and patience are important ingredients. However, there are a number of useful rules-of-thumb that can be useful for capturing landscapes that can be useful. Always try to ensure that there is something special about the light … Continue readingAtmospheric landscapes

Reflected autumn colours

Hampstead Health, London : Canon 40D : EF-S10-22mm (16mm) : 1/200 : f5.0 Reflections can be a great way to inject creativity and a sense of art into your images. Water creates patterns and distortions that create wonderful often abstract art out of ordinary everyday scenes. Don’t  be afraid of experimenting with Photoshop either. Sometimes the reflections can lack contrast, need colour … Continue readingReflected autumn colours

The street as your studio

Atlas Mountains, Morocco : Canon 40D : EF200mm f2.8L : 1/250 : f4.0 Shooting groups on the street can be challenging and even when the shots are candid, can be highly unpredictable. You may not be in control of the background and a clear focal point for the shot can sometimes be difficult to achieve. Walls, especially of the coloured variety, … Continue readingThe street as your studio